Concrete Pavers - A Work Of Art

Concrete pavers are a great alternative and one of the most attractive flooring solutions you can find. Pavers come in almost any design you can imagine. You can find pavers that imitate stone, brick, and those that take on a life of their own. In addition to that, a wide selection of sizes and shapes make concrete pavers a perfect fit to just about any patio renovation project.

concrete pavers


Typically there is a look or feel that you would like to express in your patio area, and creating a custom pattern of pavers is something that can help you accomplish that! There are hundreds of patterns you can form with pavers. Check out this page from our friends of the Landscaping Network for more in-depth information and ideas about paver patterns.

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Colors and Textures

Just like pattern designs, there are hundreds of color and textures to choose from. Some pavers imitate natural stone while others are a little more basic but provide a more traditional look and feel. These are some of the most popular paver styles among our customers today:

We will gladly discuss flooring alternatives and suggest the best options for your project.

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We have many years of experience working with pavers, so we know how to properly install them! Our work begins by removing between six and seven inches of soil from the area where the floor will be installed. Although mortar is not required for a paver floor installation we use a mixture of torpedo sand and Portland cement at a ratio of 3-to-1 (three parts torpedo sand one part cement) for the foundation. Once the foundation is dried we then add two more inches of torpedo sand and proceed to lay down our pavers in the pre-determined pattern.

Finally, to prevent the pavers from falling out of place we construct a retaining wall along the perimeter made of reinforcing steel bars and concrete.

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tongue and groove

Patio Covers with Concrete Pavers

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